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4 Ways to Wire Your Mind for Success

24 minutes

In the latest episode of Growth Mindset University, we highlight 4 ways to wire the mind for success.

  1. Set a clear goal - I will do ____ (action) by ____ (date).
  2. Visualize your success - Create mental pictures of what achieving your goals might look like.
  3. Act as if you already have achieved the goal you desire - How would you act? How would you breathe? How would you walk? What might achieving this goal make of your character?
  4. Declare victory over your life - Decide what you want, decide who you are, repeat it out loud, and set out to make it true. Your subconscious mind will believe everything you tell it, so feed it words of power and victory.

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Start listening to James Altucher: Formal Education Is A Huge Scam