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Be Healthier, Wiser, Make More Money | the Art of Investing

43 minutes

There's more than meets the eye when Gucci Mane tweets "Invest in yourself" every few months. It looks good, and it sounds good, but what does it actually mean?
The guys dive into the art of investing, breaking it down into three categories:
1)Monetary investments - Many have negative feelings attached to "making money," but the truth is that money is simply a magnifier of who you already are (if you are generous, you will have more to be generous with), as well as an enabler (reach more people, treat your friends, etc.). So, Jordan teaches you how to grow your bank account by 22% (passively) THIS YEAR with two investing tools he uses.
2)Investments of the mind - Accumulate wealth of the mind with a commitment to constant and never-ending improvement through reading and podcasts!
3)Investments in health - Eat right. Train. Respect your body. Self-love and self-care are NOT selfish
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