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Finding Meaning Through Trials and Tribulations | Patrick Natili

6 minutes

In anticipation of Patrick Natili (@PatSoIcey, episode #38) returning to the podcast next week, we've queued up this throwback clip!

I asked a silly question on the podcast: Is the search for meaning a meaningless search?

And the answer is no, it is absolutely not meaningless.

"Life can't always be enjoyed, so you have to find and attribute meaning to your trials and tribulations and figure out how that contributes to your longitudinal happiness." - Patrick Natili (click to tweet)

It's just that in the good times we don't need our meaning or purpose at the forefront of our thoughts.

In this way, meaning is much like the practice of meditation. We feel the need to meditate more in the difficult times than when things are going perfectly.

Meditation, in tough times, is like a life jacket keeping us afloat, protecting us from drowning in our negative thoughts.

Meaning, in tough times, is as vital as a life jacket when we are drowning in water.

Without it, we will never be able to endure challenges.

Without meaning, we will never stay afloat in a sea of disease, heartbreak, financial troubles, etc.

Has your meaning/purpose kept you going through the toughest of times?

Full conversation:

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