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Former NBA Player Carrick Felix on Connecting to Your Dreams and Finding Your Tribe

59 minutes

Carrick Felix is a former NBA player, TEDx speaker, and tech entrepreneur. Carrick is an Arizona native and the founder of IMC. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2013 where he earned his Bachelors and Masters degree in Communications, finishing with a 3.85 GPA. During his time at Arizona State University Carrick was a member of the men’s basketball team where he received honors such as; Scholar-Athlete of the Year in the PAC 12, PAC 12 Player of the Week 4 times, ESPN Player of the Month, as well as being honored on the Dean’s List. Carrick was then drafted in the 2013 NBA Draft, selected 33rd overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers alongside #1 pick Anthony Bennet. During his time in the NBA, Carrick spent a lot of his off time participating in community service, motivational speaking, and shadowing business professionals. He then went on to start a tech company called ZNGIT, which was an online concierge service for outdoor recreational equipment. He also became an angel investor for small startups. However his true passion is serving others. After realizing his purpose he went on to create IMC. He decided to create a platform to build individuals externally but, more important, internally.

Today's talking points include...

  • How Carrick lived out of his car, while raising a kid, while earning a 3.85 GPA, and scoring 14.6ppg
  • Trusting the process to overcome adversity
  • Self-discovery
  • How to find your tribe and eliminate fake friends
  • Why neutrality should be your enemy
  • Winning body language
  • Why hand gestures make such a difference in communication

Connect with Carrick on Instagram @Carrick_Felix and

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