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How I Landed Rachel Starr, Jordan Harbinger, Evan Carmichael, Dan Lok, and Other Big Names As Guests for the Show

101 minutes

Chance Galloway interviewed me at my home recently, and I talked about exactly how I play the long game to get in touch with hard to reach people and book them on my show. I’ve used the strategies I talk about here to book some incredible guests thus far, and I’ll use the same strategies to book Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Mike Posner, Guy Kawasaki, and Seth Godin.

I also talked about why you need to ditch your Instagram and Facebook efforts and put all of your energy into LinkedIn if you want to grow your business and brand in 2019.

Other talking points:

  • Dig the well before you’re thirsty
  • Why formal education is a HUGE scam
  • What I would say to someone who thinks a degree is their savior
  • Why most people who go to grad school only do so to delay responsibility
  • Why GPA is a social construct (and once you free yourself from it and stop caring about the number, your life becomes much better… freedom!)
  • How I invest
  • The non-negotiables (things that I do every day no matter what) that enable me to produce outstanding results
  • How I eat and other regular health habits
  • Why you should rarely, if ever, eat fruit
  • Meditation

This podcast is all about designing a life! Designing a life is cumulative, everything you do counts and moves you closer to your goals! Enjoy!

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Start listening to James Altucher: Formal Education Is A Huge Scam
Start listening to James Altucher: Formal Education Is A Huge Scam