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Matt Nelson Dropped Out Because He Monetized a Twitter Account Where He Numerically Objectifies Dogs (@dog_rates)

68 minutes

Matt Nelson (@dogfather) dropped out of college because he effectively monetized a twitter account where he numerically objectifies dogs.

The popular account *We Rate Dogs* (@dog_rates) on Twitter is followed by over 8 million people, including JK Rowling and Cole Sprouse.

Each tweet of him rating a dog out of ten, often exceeding the scale with a 12/10, generates multiple hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

His Twitter account @dog_feelings, otherwise known as Thoughts of Dog, has 2.5 million followers because, as he says, he’s “good at writing like a dog and embodying that behavior.” Like We Rate Dogs, each tweet generates multiple hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets.

He has similar accounts with millions of followers on Instagram as well.

His work has been featured in scores of major media publications like CNBC,, Yahoo Finance, BBC, and Entrepreneur.

He makes six figures rating dogs on social media. How? Find out in my conversation with the man called the “dog king of the internet,” 22-year-old Matt Nelson.

Visit Matt at

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