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Questioning the "Go to School, Get a Job" Narrative with Robyn Shulman, LinkedIn's #1 Top Voice in Education

55 minutes

In 2018, LinkedIn named Robyn Shulman the #1 Top Voice in Education. She is the founder of the education magazine, EdNews Daily, an education media outlet and resource that provides education support and information for parents, students, teachers, and school administrators.

She also teaches entrepreneurs, high school and college-age students how to use and grow on LinkedIn.

In 2012, Jeff Weiner and LinkedIn shared her transitional career story. They also featured her work in their 200 million-member announcement, and she's written various articles for the company. She's been part of LinkedIn's beta testing and advisory for over seven years. In 2016, they named her as "Someone to Follow" with LinkedIn's Influencers in education.

As an education journalist, you can find her writing for Forbes covering the intersection of education and entrepreneurship. She's been featured in various publications such as the aforementioned Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fox News, Edutopia, The Huffington Post, Influencive and more. Today, she continues to work with students, teachers, education entrepreneurs, influencers, and startups.

She is also in the midst of launching a program called "Your Life School," for high school and college-age students so they can learn life skills to complement their academic education.

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