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Rehab to The Good Life with Musician Judah Holiday | The Hidden Dangers of Stimulants

52 minutes

Miami-based singer/songwriter Judah Holiday delivers a timeless breed of pop music full of infectious melodies and hypnotic beats, a dynamic that makes every track instantly euphoric. On his forthcoming debut LP, that warm and breezy sound serves as a backdrop for his deeply reflective lyrics—and ultimately turns his unflinching honesty into something powerfully life-affirming.

The lead single from Holiday’s debut, “Good Life” brings his nuanced songwriting to a piano-laced and impossibly sunny track sparked from a 2018 stint in rehab. Co-produced and co-written by Kevin Rudolf (episode 91), “Good Life” brilliantly counters the bleakness of rehab with the brightness of sobriety—a contrast brought boldly to life in the song’s riveting video.

Visit Judah at and Spotify.

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