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Tiffany Pham: A Supportive Partner Can Accelerate Growth

6 minutes

Can you imagine putting in the work to graduate from Harvard University AND Yale University business schools?

Well, my friend Tiffany Pham did exactly that, then went on to teach herself how to code, eventually creating Mogul, the largest online platform for women to connect with over 18 million users per week worldwide. She's only 31.

While reading her book, one chapter stuck out to me: "Accelerate Your Success with the RIght Partner." Being a hopeless romantic, I was curious! We talked about...

  • Growing in the same direction as your significant other
  • How to know whether or not your partner is conducive to your growth

Gary Vaynerchuk hit the nail on the head for me saying that when he met his wife, it actually did wonders for his headspace.

What do you think? Should we just keep our heads down and stay focused OR should we be open the beings the universe sends our way, knowing that we may cherish them and they may give us the headspace to truly go far in our lives?

Full conversation:

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